Tips to Create a Mind-Blowing Aerial Drone Photography

If you want to try aerial drone photography or you are considering to buy your first ever “flying machine”, check out the tips below and remember them so that you can create a mind-blowing aerial drone photography outcome. 

Keep calm and fly safely 

What should you do first as soon as you get your new drone? The answer is to try flying it as high and as far as you can. However, before you fly it you need to make sure to thoroughly read the manual, watch some videos about flying one, or you can ask somebody who knows how to fly it to help you teach the fundamentals of drone flying. Don’t forget to practice as much as you can to get used to flying one. Also, you have to know the restricted places to fly your drone to prevent them. 

Look for a great location 

Drones can position us above and in front of wonderful things and places. However, post-processing and a good eye to achieve the feel and look of what you’ve seen in the actual location. The key is to look for a great place to capture amazing and distinct shadows, lines, and textures for you to have a mind-blowing shot. It could be during sunrise or sunset.  

Compose and do not settle 

A lot of the technical issues and similar rules of a typical camera apply to drones. To prevent having lost shadow derails or blown highlights, you have to correct exposure. Also, you have to practice creating a great composition to generate interesting leading lines, which will entice your viewers as they look at it. If you want to know more about the fundamentals of composition experiments, you can always look for them using the Internet.  

Incorporate some finishing touches 

After you’ve downloaded your images, you can tweak them by doing some enhancements, corrections, or adjustments to them. You might need lens profile correction to align the noise reduction and the horizon lines. There are a lot of enhancements you can do to your images. Try to download reliable and helpful apps available, such as Photoshop, Snapseed, Lightroom, and so on. 

Proudly share your product 

Your images are not intended to just be kept on your computer, memory card, or hard drive. They are meant to be shared with the world. People tend to like viewing great aerial photos. Hence, you have to share them on your social media accounts and try to follow great aerial photographers as well to learn from them.  

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